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How do I upload songs to Boomplay?

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You have been asking, where can I upload music? Have you hear about Boomplay Music App? It’s a music streaming service and downloads app that was launched in Nigeria in 2015 and is owned by Transsnet Music Limited, a China-based mobile and Communication Company. Well, your next question is, how do I upload songs to Boomplay? That is the main reason I created this little piece of content.

As the best music streaming service in Africa, Boomplay Music now has 53 million users on Google Play Store, up from 42 million in April this year, when the company raised a $20m funding round. Boomplay also says that 80% of its catalogue is African music, which accounts for 75% of its streams. Indie artist like you are making a lot of money on Boomplay already.

Distirbuting Your Songs to Boomplay Music App

However, I need to let you know that you need a licensed music distributor from Transsnet Music Limited to be able to upload songs to boomplay. So, the question, how do I upload songs to boomplay shouldn’t be on your mind now. You should be asking how can I get a Transsnet Music Limited “Licensed aggregator” that can upload my songs to boomplay.

Smen Music Distribution Company had been doing business with Transsnet Music Limited for more than 2 years now. We had uploaded numerous indie songs and albums unto the platform. You can sign up with Smen Music distribution Company to sign up to upload your songs to Boomplay.

We have the necessary artist sign up portal and the Content Management System that you can use t get the report on your earnings as soon as the action is taking place on Boomplay.

To get started with the Boomplay for artist service, you can reach out to Smen Music Distribution Company today.

We also distribute to ITunes and other digital music streaming and download stores Worldwide.

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