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Where can I upload music in Nigeria for Free?

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Online or digital music marketing is the new way of distributing and promoting your with digital tools. If you are asking the question; where can I upload my music in Nigeria? Then, you are looking for new ways to get your music across to your fans via the digital marketing channels. I will give you some channels where you can upload your music for Free in Nigeria, connect to more fans and boost your profile.

But, before we continue with the list, I want to let you know that the music marketing landscape of the old times is different from the music marketing of nowadays. The olden days of doing music business is to go through the traditional route of breaking an artist into the market through the expensive ways.  Record label will get your music into radio stations, shoot an expensive video for your song and then wait to recoup all that investment on you as soon as your music is selling in the market. There is nothing wrong with this approach, but there is a new way of doing music marketing. It’s the digital music marketing.


You make music, upload it on digital channels and streaming portal for fans to stream and download. You have to know that uploading your songs on these digital channels is not equal to marketing. If we look at the record label model, they also distribute music in form of CDs and vinyl into the record stores, but they do not stop there. They also make sure the song is being played on the radio stations, the DJs are using the song in their mix tapes, and they create street team that will make sure the song fly.


As indie artists, you might not have the financial super powers to put all these things in place. You have the digital channels to leverage on. It depends on the strategy you want to use. It’s not enough to upload your songs online, sitting back and relaxing that the song will bring in dividends for your investment. You have got to do the music marketing yourself on the online channels. There are millions of artists Worldwide, what gives you an edge over another artist. Why should fans listen to you rather than the other artists in your genre?


This is the reason you need a single release strategy anytime you are planning a release. Smen Music Distribution “Artist Services” got your back any day anytime with your single’s release. We will help you to plan and strategizes on how your online music marketing will bring in enough return on investment for you and help boost your music career.

That being said, let’s look at some places you can upload your music in Nigeria.


5 Free Places to Upload your Music in Nigeria

  1. YouTube: Music marketing in this age of digital music promotions will not be complete without mentioning YouTube. The platform is the second largest search engine in the World behind its sister company “Google”. Users (your fans and your prospects) use the platforms to search for music, videos, inspirations, movies and so on. The platform is free to upload on. To get discovered by prospects, you need to be clever on how you use the platform. There are millions upon millions of content on YouTube, you need to be creative and stand out in order to be discovered.
  2. Soundcloud: Another great place to upload your music is Sound Cloud. With more than 175 million monthly visitors Worldwide, Sound Cloud is a huge marketing tool for musicians. It’s a music streaming web and mobile platform that is socially built to cater for creators. Fans can stream your songs, follow you and add your songs to their favourite on the platform. With Sound Cloud, you can reach more fans while keeping your fans informed and updated.
  3. Boomplay Music: Boomplay is a mobile app that was built by Transsnet Music Limited back in 2015. The app was built to cater for African music market. Almost 85 per cent of the contents on the platform are African contents. The company started the app with the Nigerian music market. It’s a place you can upload your music to and make money from your art. While you can also make money on YouTube, there are some restrictions, you have to reach a threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4 hours watch time before you can monetize your content with adverts. But, with Boomplay music, you can get your music uploaded, start sharing and marketing the link to your contents and start making money immediately. In fact, a lot of indie artist in Nigeria and Africa generally are making use of the platform to cash out big from their music. Smen Music Distribution is one of the licensed music distributors for Transsnet Music Limited; we will help you to upload your music on Boomplay for Free. Check out this page to learn more.
  4. Smen Music Unlimited: This streaming and Free Download website is an offspring of Smen Music Company. We created this streaming web application for indie musicians to upload and share their music with the World. Indie Artists and Labels can create their music page and upload their music in few easy and simple steps. You can start uploading your songs on Smen Music Unlimited Here.
  5. ITunes and Apple Music: The list will not be complete without these two platforms created by Apple Inc. If you are a music lover, you had probably heard about ITunes before. It’s a music library of millions of songs. It was invented back in the days by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Although, streaming platforms like spotify, Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music are the way people are consuming music, ITunes is still a place you can upload your music in Nigeria and make good money from your music.

The list is a mixture of both free and paid platforms. In this new music industry, you have got to explore both Worlds. If you want to connect to fans, you have to get on the platforms they are. All these platforms above are where your fans are hanging out to consume music online. Your song is a product; you shouldn’t give it out for Free. But, to accomplish a good music release strategy, you need to still put your song on some places where your fans can get access to it for Free.


I want to hear from you, where are the places you are uploading your music online? Leave them in the comment section below.

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Smen Music Distribution can help you to upload your song on more than 15 trending portals Worldwide for Free. Reach out to our digital marketing team and discuss your needs. Check out out artist service page to learn more.

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