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How to Sell and Promote Music on Boomplay

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You may be asking, what Boomplay Music is all about and how can an indie artist like you sell music on Boomplay? Do you want to promote and make money from your song on boomplay as an independent artist? I know you will rightly answer yes. To shed more light on this topic “Sell and Promote Music on Boomplay ” I will tell you what Boomplay Music App is and why you need to start  promoting and selling your music on it. Let’s see briefly what the app is all about and how to sell music on boomplay.

What is Boomplay Music App?

Boomplay Music has 53 million users as of September 2019 fastest growing music app in sub Saharan Africa. Boomplay is the best and the biggest music App where users can stream songs and videos free with ads , subscribe at a reasonable daily, weekly, monthly or yearly subscription price or download the songs either as a single, Ep or an Album. Users can save songs & videos for offline play.

Boomplay is the #1 music streaming & download service in Africa,which gives you access to millions of songs,videos & buzz entertainment news. Boomplay is lifestyle and entertainment app with a focus on music. With Boomplay, you’re able to download and listen to your favourite songs and watch videos on the go.The Company is hoping to build the best and biggest digital music ecosystem.

Boomplay music app was developed by Trassnet Music Limited and was launched in April, 2015 as boomplayer. The music app soon gain a lot of traction as it comes preloaded with all Tecno, Itel and Infinix smart phones. This made the Boomplay Music App to spread beyond and abroad.

One of the music strategy to succeed in this time and age as an indie musician is getting your music on as many digital retail stores and streaming .The Boomplay app is avialble on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

As an indie artist, selling your music is made possible through the music aggregators and licensed music distributors. Smen Music Distribution; a subsidiary of Souljar Mind Entertainment Network is one of Trassnet Music Limited licensed distributor.


How to upload songs on Boomplay?

Smen Music Distribution in our quest to solve the music promotional hurdles that indie artists are facing undergoes some research to find other ways that musicians can make money with their music. We discover Boomplay Music as one of the several ways to make money via your music. How then can you create Boomplay Artist profile and upload your music for sell on boomplay? Uploading songs on Boomplay Music happens through music aggregators.

You can upload your music on Boomplay via Smen Music Distribution. Smen Music Distribution is a licensed music aggregator from Trassnet Music Limited, the owner of Boomplay Music App. Start uploading your songs on Boomplay now.

Upload your Music by yourself on Smen Music Unlimited all for Free

How does Boomplay Pay Artists

Trassnet Music Limited pay the creators on their Boomplay Music App in respect to downloads, streams and subscriptions. You may be asking how much does boomplay pay per stream. That is not cleared, they promise transparency in their payout.

Subscription: When a subscriber streams your music, you get paid a proportionate share of Boomplay’s subscription revenue per month

Downloads: Otherwise knows as purchase, as soon as your songs are available through Boomplay, your fans can start paying you for your music by purchasing it and downloading them on their device.

Ad Streams : The third way boomplay pay artists for their content is through ads streaming. They calculate the free streaming and pay you from their adverts money.

Your money and your music purchase and streaming reports are all sent to your music aggregrators. You can alwys request this from your aggregrator. If you choose Smen Music Distribution, we will be sending you your music purchase and streaming reports with all the analytics every quarter.

Features that your fans Loves on Boomplay Music App

ITunes, Boomplay, Spotify and other digitla music stores all around the World have some unique features that makes the fans used them, your fans connect to their favourite music on these platforms in a unique way, some of these features are below.

  • Subscribe and Stream Music: You can upload your music to Boomplay, ITunes, Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music monthly plan to download unlimited music and videos to play whilst offline. The obvious activities on these platforms are streaming and downloading music.
  • Playlists: They always browse through and enjoy unlimited playlists created by the Music In-house experienced music editors and curators or simply create their own playlist with their favourite songs. They can also listen to playlist from other users on the platform. User generated playlist for the year 2018 was more than 500,000 on Boomplay alone.
  • Video: Watch unlimited music video, BTS, comedy and interviews etc.
  • Charts: Get to know the most-played 100 songs in your region every week. This feature drives a lot of engagement on the platform.
  • Albums: Play and save your favourite albums to listen to offline anytime and anywhere.
  • Moods: Do you want to read or want to part? Enjoy music suited to your current mood or atmosphere.
  • Suggested Users: You can follow and interact with other users, explore celebrities and other users to see, listen and download their playlists. The music streaming and download stores are like social media that you can build good following.
  • Notifications: Be the first to know about new releases and trending entertainment news. Notification keeps the users informed about new releases. You can use the Boomplay Music App for example to get latest news and be the first to break the news to your family and friends.
  • Audio Quality: Choose different audio quality to save on data consumption. You cans also choose this when you are downloading a single song on the platform.


Promote Your Music Free with Boomplay


All you need to start making money as an indie musician in Nigeria is to distribute your music on digital platforms. But, just getting your music on ITunes, Boomplay, Apple Music, Spotify is not an automatic visa to making money with your music.

You need good promotional plans to make good money from your distributed music. It’s a must to know how to promote your music on Boomplay and other digital stores.This is the reason Smen Music Distribution are in partnership with some trending websites. On these platforms, we will upload your music on their platforms for free streaming while attaching your Boomplay or ITunes or any other music platforms for them to buy if the listener likes your song.

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With Smen Music Distribution service, you can get your boomplay upload started like Dayss. We will get you started on how to upload music to boomplay. The amazing thing about this is that we will also get your music including the boomplay link on free naija music uploading sites, while linking back to your content on boomplay and ITunes

This is a perfect guide on how to promote your music in Nigeria this age. You don’t just distribute your music and hope to make money; you need to let people know about the distribution. With the help of these websites to upload music for free, we will link your boomplay music profile and contents so that people will have choice to either download your music or to stream it on Boomplay. Either ways, you win because you will gain new fans.

These free music upload site in Nigeria requires that you create an account with them but because we have the ability to link your ITunes and boomplay links and we have a good following on these music upload websites, which is the reason we are including it for you as a package.There is no free music uploading sites without registration, and some even requires you to pay to start using their service.

Start to promote your music in Nigeria and abroad for free by getting the ITunes and Boomplay Uploads package with the “Ultimate Music Brand”.

To make this Free Music Promotions possible, you need to upload your music on Boomplay Music or ITunes and other musical stores.

Requirements for Songs Uploads in BoomPlay Music App


  • Artist Nmae
  • Song Title
  • Lyrics
  • Your Music File in mp3 format
  • A picture (Will be used to create your Profile)
  • Standard Artwork in Jpeg format
  • Your Artist Bio or EPK
  • A very short writing about the Song or Album

If you are releasing an EP or an Album, crafting out a promotional strategy to use in promoting one of your favourite single can earn you millions of streams and thousands of downloads.

Do you want to turn your passion into valuable treasure that can put money into your pocket? Then, start now and sell your music on boomplay while promoting your brand Worldwide in front of millions of music lovers around the continent of Africa and the rest of the World.

Smen Music Distribution will handle your Boomplay Music Uploads of your music videos & and your songs. No more limitations get started today here with a Free Gift

To submit your request for the Boomplay Music uploading, connect us via;

E-mail: or
Phone: +2348152361455 or +2348162124564
Twitter: @smenmusic

Facebook and Instgram: @smenmusiccompany

Upload your Music by yourself on Smen Music Unlimited all for Free

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