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You Never Appreciate What you have until you loss it – Dayss Ola Lee Series

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I just want to thank God

As He cheers away the dark energy that got me messed up

The reflection that took away loneliness and got me mixed up

None can be as happy as I am, even if they fake it like them Video vixen

Radiant joy all over my face as I looked into the mirror in the Window fixing

I wonder how things so quickly get fixed up

Even though this might seems insignificant in the eyes of my readers

It is such a great facilitator to my being rich now

You never love what you have until you loss it

It’s such a simple but profound statement; Is it?

You will never realize until you are pinched with that word needle

Though, we all need each other, no one is indispensible

We all need power to do things tremendous and incredible

With the one living is so much power if he views it from the heart middle

If then, you don’t use it right, placed on your destiny is an embargo

May be this short line of actions can shed more light, here we go

I was broke one day and in need of monetary energy

A friend called to help him fix something in his office

Well, I still have transport mileage, I thought

Be times ten financially powerful , that drives me north

Went there first day and the money savers messed things up

My transport fare had to be doubled for I was there the second day

Everything was fixed, and then it came to the time to get my share of the deal

Then I realised my friend was a relative of Cristiano Ronaldo

His father was supposed to be Argentine’s Maradona Diego

The controls of his two websites that got fixed up are all in my hands

A thought came to me, not of a King but of an ant

Twist everything and brings them to a halt

I said to myself, I am a King and not an ant

I let go and hoping my friend will pay me soonest

Exactly a week later, I was up as the sun set

Finished studying the book of Life and shift to the thing next

On my PC I am opening as I geared up to surf the net

I wanted to listen to music as I dive into the internet of things

My old HP 630 Windows 7 hangs self with sound crashing like tins

Unable to start it again got me in deep thoughts

I need money to get this fixed up and not tongue

With no internet enabled phone, my work must come to a halt

Deep from my mind, I had to use the power I have

Communing with my creator to get my PC fixed up

Then, the reflection of my friend’s work came to mind

No one have all the power and all the might

Do not take judgement into your hands

You can’t eat your cake and have it

As old and rugged my PC was, I never realise how useful it was until that moment

You never appreciate what you have until you loss it

More importantly, you have the power to do good and evil

Do well today because you will never appreciate being good

Until the evil overshadows your entire mood.

Create your own Smen Music Account to Submit your own Stories, Poems, Articles and Entertaining Write ups as Share them With the World

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Dayss Ola Lee is an fashion retailer that offer unique tech fashion items. From causual wears to phone cases, we offer best fashionable products sourced from overseas. Dayss Ola Lee also have a series of poetic expression which is an Inspiring Poetic series that portrays how God wants us to live so as to enjoy the divine life here and after.

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