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Why You Need a Website for Your Musical Brand

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  1. Establish an Authentic Online Identity: Your music name is your brand name and that is your calling card to the World. Your brand name is what makes money for you. People will buy your music, tickets and merchandise because of your name. Your website is your hub where everything comes together, although social media is one of the vital strategies to market your music, your website will give you credibility and authenticity. With your website, you own the “”. This is a vital point to authenticate your brand in this time and age. You can change hosting company, but still remains the same every time. Apart from giving your musical brand identity and authenticity online, your domain name can also become an asset to you in the future. It’s a digital real estate that can be worth millions of dollars depending on your popularity and Domain Authority in the nearest future. So, the number one reason for building a website for your musical brand is because you own it and that part of the internet is your digital real estate forever, in as much as you keep renewing it.
  2. Website Gives You More Data: Derek Webb put it this way; “money always follows who owns the data”. Since you are the owner of the website, there are tools and software you can use to capture data. You can measure and refine your music marketing strategies according to the data that you have in your hands. Things like “who streamed your song this month”, “where is the person from”, which of the song get downloaded the most”, “which of the track is their favourite” and “where is the traffic coming from” are some of the data you can capture from your website and these data can help you to make good music marketing decisions that will help you to sell more music, build fans relationship and book shows that are more relevant and tailored to your musical brand. Data will help you and make your life easier. As the saying goes; data is life, you can infuse more life into your musical brand by capturing data and using it to your full advantage.
  3. Industry Professionals Sense your Seriousness: The professionals in the music industry will know that you are serious if you own a website that is tailored to your musical brand either as a record label or an artist. As I said earlier, if you are running an indie label, your music company’s website can also be your website for now. The music industry sees you as a professional and dedicated musician when you have a website. When music promoters, bookers, media and event organizers hears about your music, they will expect to see you at
  4. Controlling the Experience and Earning More: You can control the experiences of your fans on your website, you can decide what they see and how they feel about your musical brand. In fact, you can make your brand come alive with colours and visual image you use on your site. It also makes your fans remember your image through your logos, colours and aesthetic designs on your website. You can also sell music, tickets and merchandise on your website. You can sell directly to your fans by attaching a store to your website. You can also use some software to link directly from your website to other digital stores where your music is available. You control all the experience and give your fans and other industry professionals the feels about your brand when you have a website. You cannot do this on social media or other platforms that you did not own. Other people own those platform and they control the user experience. They can decide to include ads besides your contents, this might distract potential fans from really enjoying you and your brand to the fullest, and that person might not connect to you more intimately as he/she supposed to.

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