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Where Can You Sell Your Songs Online in Nigeria

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Music marketing is now a game that being played according to the rules of the internet. Online metrics don’t only show how successful you are as an artist, but will determine how far you can grow in the coming years. Are you looking for where you can sell your songs online in Nigeria?

Do you want to make it big in the Nigerian music industry? Then you should read this article to the end. I want to shed great light on where you can sell your music online as an indie artist and have great success. Selling music on CDs and Vinyl is a business that is folding up and in times to come, this model of distribution and marketing will become obsolete.

Having said that, there are portals you can now sell your music online in Nigeria and make it in the music industry. These music distribution portals don’t only gives you access to connecting to your fans but give you the tools to help you in making effecting music marketing decisions and building fans relationship.

I will point out where you can sell your songs online in Nigeria and have great rewards as soon as possible. You don’t need to keep waiting for the CDs to be pressed before you start distributing your music. With Smen Music Distribution, you can have your music at these portals in matters of days.


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There are hundreds of stores and music streaming portal Worldwide, but I need to point out this to you as an indie musician. You only need a handful of store that you know your ideal fans are presently using and make sure you distribute your music to these platforms, then get on two to three of those platforms and engage your fans. It’s good that you know where you can sell your music in Nigeria, but without Music marketing, your distributed music will be lost in the sea of unlimited music that is currently on those platforms.

So, where are the music portals where I can sell my music online in Nigeria? I will list out five of them in this article.

Music Websites to Sell Your Songs online in Nigeria

  1. Boomplay Music: Controlling the African digital music scene is a very cool app called Boomplay. This app was launched in 2015 by mobile phone producer and distributor “Tecno Mobile” a subsidiary of Transsnet. Bommplay itself is a subsidiary of Transsnet Music Limited. Since its early days of humble beginnings, the app now have more than 40 million users Worldwide, with millions using the app daily. Boomplay leads the pack, the app had pay out billions to artists and it’s growing day by day. You can get your music on Boomplay Music today via Smen Music Distribution.
  2. Appl Music and ITunes: If you are in the music industry, you should have heard about ITunes store before. ITunes is a music store that was invented by the late Apple co-founder “Steve Jobs” to curb the free download and piracy problem the industry faced when internet came to be. Although, there is still piracy and free downloads of music, at the same time, there are people that are paying for music. Apple Music is a streaming service by Apple. The platform is behind the streaming market leader “Spotify”. There is clear indication that the future of music consumption is streaming and that is why you need to get your music on streaming platforms. Majority of fans don’t want to own the music, they just want to rent it by paying a monthly subscription. With this, they can stream unlimited music for the monthly payment. The music platform in turns will pay all the owner of the music something out of the subscription from the fans. Smen Music Distribution will get your music to both ITunes and Apple music.
  3. Spotify: Although not currently available to stream songs from Nigeria, spotify as the music streaming market leader cannot be ignored when we are talking about where you can sell your songs in Nigeria. There are fans Worldwide that are searching for your kind of songs that might discover your music. The streaming market is a place with stiff competition and the race can be won when you strategized on your music playlist positioning. Spotify is a Swedish company and the app is the music streaming leader Worldwide. Fans cannot download music on it like Boomplay and ITunes. They can only stream songs for Free with ads or subscribe for premium listening without ads. You can sell your music from Nigeria on Spotify with Smen Music Distribution.
  4. Amazon Music: Amazon is the biggest online retailer on the planet. They also include entertainment products in their catalogues. Part of Amazon’s entertainment offerings are music CDs and digital download. They also have Amazon music Unlimited, which is a streaming platform. You can distribute your music to Amazon Music from Nigeria and your music will be live in some days.
  5. Udux: This is a new Nigerian streaming service. It was invented to fill the void of digital piracy system that is ravaging the music industry. Although new, the app now boosts of tens of thousands of downloads and it’s growing. Universal music group have also licensed their contents to the platform. They promised transparency and access to the tools that can help artists grow.

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These are the five portals you can sell your music in Nigeria and start making money from your music. These are not all of them, as I said earlier, you just need to focus on few stores that you know your ideal fans are currently using and give it all it take to connect to them on those platforms. In Nigeria, we still have Mtn music plus, Spinlet and Mino music on the scene. You can have your music in these stores too through Smen Music Distribution.

You can also do worldwide distribution on all music streaming portal and stores Worldwide. You can have your music on Tidal, Deezer, and 7digital etc.

If you are looking for where you can sell your songs online in Nigeria and beyond, Smen Music Distribution will help you to sell your music to these stores and you also get free marketing tips that you can use to grow your fan base so that you can make more money. Click here to Get Started

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