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Skales Drops New EP – Healing Process EP

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Since releasing his career-resetting album, Man of the Year, in 2015, years after first registering on the music landscape, Skales has been hard at work making music to soundtrack the hedonism that has both characterized and defined this generation. His catalogue is flush with club-ready bangers like “Ijo Ayo,” “Temper,” “Shake Body,” and “Booty Language.” These songs have steadily bolstered his reputation, leading to collaborations with all the major Nigerian pop stars and Major Lazer in the span of the last five years as well as concert appearances in locations as far-flung from Nigeria as the United States, Dubia, London, Muscat and Oman. To follow up the investigation quest that was Mr Love, Skales offers the oft-introspective Healing Process. A visual hike through years of ache, stardom-induced anxiety, overwhelming awareness, and search for peace, Healing Process is a left-field turn from the poetic joy of earlier projects. He weaves a line between lack and faith on “God is Goo


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