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Pastor Eneche Powerful Messages during Shiloh 2019 in mp3

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There is a kind of Faith which was responsible for the exploit and the great Manifestation of God’s power through our fathers, unfortunately, such faith is n endangered specie in our day today. Such faith is going extinct today.
The reason why there is a scarcity of Bible results in our day is because there bible faith are rear.

In this sermon, Pastor Paul Enenche teaches on the kinds of Faith that the fathers of old had and the results they got from it. The explains how believers can develop such faith today. Use the download button below to download this sermon.

What is the Faith of our Father?

  • It’s a daring, aggressive and Violence Faith e.g The Faith that David used to bring down Goliath.
  • It’s risky, radical, care-free and fear-free Faith e.g the Faith that the 3 Hebrew boys exercise. It’s a Faith that is addicted to risk and allergic to fear.
  • It’s fightful and battle-ready Faith. It’s charged for all urgency. It cannot be taken unaware
  • It’s Indomitable, irresistible and Unconquerable Faith. This is a Faith that takes no for n answer.

Title: Contending For Our Father’s Faith – Shiloh 2019 
– Pastor Paul Enenche

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