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Joe Praize New Album ‘The Praise Of The Fourth Man’

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Gospel Fresh Released: Joe Praize drop new album “The Praise Of The Fourth Man”. Joe is best known for his amazing melodies and lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is JOE PRAZE’S FOURTH STUDIO ALBUM.

Gospel music is doing fantastic and if you remove the content – the gospel in it– it becomes meaningless.
There is so much harming going on in the general public but on the other hand, there’s a lot of gospel music
ministering to people to help them out of trying periods. In any case, indeed the media has not given careful
consideration of the effect and impact gospel music is making in our general public and that is the reason
we are deliberately here to give careful consideration to what gospel music is doing – gospel music is
mending, lifting, fortifying, building and furthermore doing other fabulous and incredible things in human lives.
One word from God will change your life and that’s the reason for Gospel Music, its all about changing lives and
winning them [souls] to christ…

You should also understand that its necessary to worship and praise God and with the help of Gospel music
you can easily worship GOD WITH MUSIC.

Artist: Joe Praize
Release date: 24 November 2019
Genre: Christian/Gospel


Holy Ghost

Joy Overflow

Powerful Jesus

You Are Jesus

Powerful God

More Than Enough

God Is Good

Everything Is Blessed

Jesus Everywhere

You Are Good

I Am Blessed

Miracle Papa


You Alone

We Overcame

Stream/Purchase Album Here: Boomplay Music

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