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Odun by Dayss Olasunkanmi mp3 download

Adedayo Dayss Olasunkanmi is a talented and versatile musicians, songwriter and an entrepreneur, Dayss who started singing from his elementary school age started his professional music career back in 2010, he had some success promoting a lot of singles like Odun, which was widely accepted in Lagos late 2014, Dayss have a viral video which he shot on his cover to Coldplay – A sky Full Of Stars, he recently drop Choppinglife on his birthday to celebrate his fans and family for supporting his music career

Odun is a celebration song is a classical Odun song like the classical odun lo sopin song that will put you into thanksgiving and fun mood for seeing another year ending and anticipating the blessings of the new year. It’s a dance song to celebrate every time. If you are looking to turn up the party, Odun will give you what you want. Dayss Olasunkanmi released this song classic song to bless, since the release date, the song has remain an ever green classic song. Download and listen to this evergreen song by Dayss Olasunkanmi

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