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My Experience with Nigerian Hosting Company as a Musician in a brief

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If you want to be a web designer or you want to design your own music website, bad hosting company can be a pain in your neck if you don’t know how to choose well. While foreign hosting companies are viewed to be in a better position than their Nigerian counterpart, the view is not necessarily and totally true.

There are lot of better hosting companies in Nigeria which if you buy their package, you should have no issues.

I started building websites and blogs since 2014 and I had been living by God’s grace on Online business since then till now. I came across an article inside a punch newspaper in early 2015 which sealed my mind on building a good platform online, no matter what.


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A lot had happened, a lot of platforms launched, majority of them closed and lessons learnt. I was using foreign hosting companies since 2014 until January 2018. There was even a time I was using a N10,000 blue host package,
that was the whole 2017. I was building and struggling until I found out about Nigerian hosting companies.

I first stumbled on a Nigerian hosting provider I will not like to mention. This Lagos based hosting company is a pain in the butt. I purchase their mid range hosting plan. after some few days, I started having issues. I can’t even view my website dashboard. I emailed them, contact their support team all to no avail.

The number one thing you should consider about any company you want to buy your hosting package from is their
customer service. There times you will have issues, things might go wrong a lot of times on your music website, it might be because of surge in your traffic that comes from a popular website that review your music or you are running Facebook adverts to build an email list of loyal fan base. Something might go wrong on your band website but if you have a good support team that you can reach out to and get fast response, you are good to go.

I contacted this hosting company and a lady picked up the call, I explained to her what was going on. She apologized and promised to have it fixed.4 days later, we were still on the same issue. Thank God I was starting a website from afresh, I was willing to let them go, refund my money and make peace reign. This time, I was getting pissed off and I was sending them email with anger.

They stop picking calls, and when they pick, they will say they will re-direct the issue to another department. I was calling and as i call, I will have to speak with another agent which will again tell me that they will re-direct the issue to another their technical or server department.

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I finally decided that they should refund my money. That makes everything worst. The lady told me there is no refund after 3 days of purchase.She said this is available inside their refund policy. More reason you should read the policies on any website you want too transact with. Well, I had to let go. I bought another web hosting package from another Nigerian hosting provider.

I am not trying to point to any bad hosting company. I just decide to write this to eulogize this Nigerian
hosting company called Smart Web. They might not be the best, In fact, I have not try any other Nigerian hosting company since I started using Smart web. I had been using Smart Web now two good years and I had not regretted it for just once. The hosting I was paying N10,000 for on Blue host is equivalent to the lowest package I first stat using when I register with Smart Web.

There customer service is on point. There is no day an issue came up without meeting them at home. They are always there. Like I said the other time, customer service is one of the best criteria you should look at when choosing a good hosting company. The speed and up time is also good. Shout out to Smart Web Nigeria Limited for their good work.

May be I will try another hosting company for some of my clients in the coming year 2020. But until then, I stick
with smart web.

To get started on smart web, you can click here.

As a musician, I had used and verified Smart Web as a good choice. I give you a good guarantee you will like them for there service and their customer experience.

If you want a good Businesses, Personal or Band website, you can reach to me directly on +23452361455 or contact my team here


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