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A digital Music Marketing Story of Dayss “Odun” on Mdundo

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From digital distribution and promotions of your songs, to the offline aspect of your promotions, you need to be taking actions every day in order to move closer to your music promotion goals. It’s not just about posting links on social media; it’s about taking decisive steps that will connect you to your best target audience.

My name is Dayss Olasunkanmi, I am a gospel music and inspiration musician, producer, song writer and an entrepreneur. I started my music career journey in 2010. I had a glimpse of how music promotion works back then in 2014 when I released my first official single titled “Odun”. To the best of my knowledge and result gauged through the musical shows, events and carnivals, I can boldly say that Odun is a promotional success.

Odun by Dayss

The radio and the street promotion of Odun were quick and it takes shape so fast. I only visited 5 radio stations in Lagos, a lot of other radio stations quickly picked up the songs and it spreads like wildfire. It’s a good feeling to be performing your songs and almost everyone is singing along, it’s such a good feeling.

After the Odun euphoria and the lack of funds to continue with promotion of another song, I decided to go in pursuit of online business. My love for music is so strong that when I think of music or make music, I am so happy, fulfilled and satisfied. But I needed to survive, pay house rent and keep the hustle going. In May 2015, I opened a website, with no direction of where I am going. I soon found out that my love is for music not for blogging. But I had to marry the two together.

I searched for a lot of opportunities on how to make money online. I discovered that the self-acclaimed gurus are not what they are. Majority will sweet mouth you to buy into their brand and personality; I was so determined to make something out of the online venture because I need money to start my music hustle back.

No one is ever willing to help you build a musical brand from the scratch in this new age music business. You need to venture out on your own and build a brand for yourself.

Then, fast forward to 2018, I started the Smen Music Company. Smen music Distribution Company , a growing music marketing company in Nigeria had been what had been on my mind for a very long time. I didn’t want to let go of the previous online platform I was working on because of the years I had put into it. I wanted to build a deal marketplace for small businesses; I was pushing and struggling to do it because my first business love is music.

The previous year, I had stumbled upon a website called Mdundo, I uploaded Odun and a sky full of stars “Coldplay Cover” on it. I forgot about the upload. I started writing and publishing contents on Smen Music about music distribution, music promotions and music production. I had always want to help artist monetise their music via online platforms and always looks for new ways to get music promotions in top gears. I was just checking through Mdundo in November 2019 and I discovered I had more than thirty thousand downloads on Odun and the other songs on the platform. This is the main reason I had to write this short story and let you know as an artist that you need to be promoting your songs every day. But, you need to look for creative ways to do it. Get on new platforms and reach new fans that will not just love your music but share it with others.

This story is to ginger you as you continue to showcase your musical brand digitally.


Digital music distribution and promotions should be an integral part of your music marketing this day, Smen Music Company can handle all your music marketing needs. Get your Music Distributed to Boomplay, and other digital stores now.


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